2. The Flexia™ Reformer

Metrics that Matter: What is the Movement Quality Score (MQS)?

The Flexia Smart Reformer is equipped with sensors to track the three metrics that matter most in Pilates: Control, Speed, and Consistency.


These metrics (Control, Consistency, and Speed) come together at the end of class for your Movement Quality Score (MQS). Your MQS is scored out of 100 and details your class metrics in hindsight, helping you reflect on your Pilates workout like never before. 


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Why these three metrics?


The metrics we measure are specific to Pilates, which is why we're not tracking things like heart rate or calories burned. Rather, we care about metrics that indicate if you’ve improved your strength, muscular control, and coordination - all of which correlate with improved mindfulness, quality of movement and athletic performance, which is what Pilates was designed to do.  


Is the goal of MQS to hit 100?


Unlike most workout metrics, the goal of your MQS is not to score a perfect 100. If you are...your class is far too easy and it's time to level up your Spring Settings (a quick button-tap during class will fix that), because you're not providing your body the challenge it craves to see and feel progress. 


Instead, we want you to aim for an MQS between 50-80 (shocking, we know!). This range ensures that you are challenging your body appropriately. Pilates progress does not come from your comfort zone and it most certainly does not come from discouraging challenges... 


There's a sweet spot for progress that keeps you coming back for more. That's an MQS score of 50-80. 


For a closer look at this metric, let's chat with our Founder + CEO, Kaleen: