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Metrics that Matter: What is Speed?

Our Speedometer tracks the pace of your carriage movement and instantly compares it to the exercise cued by your instructor on the screen.

In Pilates, each exercise has a unique tempo or pace that helps you get the most out of the exercise.


Our Speedometer lives on the right-hand side of your class screen and reads the pace of your carriage during movement. This gauge will alert you with a ⬆️ if you need to speed up, a ✅ if your speed is just right, or a ⬇️ if you need to slow down.


Going faster isn't always better...and going slower isn't always better, it simply depends on the exercise. This is why our Speed metric is so important.


Some exercises like Leg Circles require slower movement to feel what's happening in your body. 

(A cue from your instructor might be, "bring your attention to slow, controlled movements here")


Whereas other exercises, like Running, see benefit from faster movement and an increased heart rate. 

(...with cues from your instructor like, "let's get our heart rate up here with quick, small movements")


For a closer look at this metric, let's chat with our Founder + CEO, Kaleen: