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Metrics that Matter: What is Control?

Control tracks your carriage movement down to the second and instantly compares it to the exercise cued by your instructor on the screen, making sure you stay on track with your movement.

Our Control gauge lives on the right-hand side of your class screen and can detect your speed and distance traveled down to the second. This gauge will alert you with a ⬆️ if you need to adjust or a ✅ if you’re right on target.


Some exercises, like Chest Expansion, require evenly controlled movements as you move in and out of spring tension.

(cues might include, "Keep the carriage in the home position")


Other exercises, like Bridge, require zero carriage movement. 

(...with cues from your instructor like, "keep that carriage still!")


If you notice your Control gauge dipping, that’s your cue to bring more attention to how well you’re following the instructions from your instructor. This allows you to correct your form in real time and helps you stay present and accountable during your workout, so you can get the most out of every exercise. 


For a closer look at this metric, let's chat with our Founder + CEO, Kaleen: