Will my body fit on this reformer?

The Flexia™ Reformer is designed to be the most customizable reformer on the market. Keep reading for more on our adjustability and weight capacity.

User height and weight maximums

The Flexia™ Reformer was built to fit varying body shapes and sizes. It fits most body dimensions between 5'0" and 6'6" tall. The Flexia™ Reformer is special, as it's the most customizable Pilates reformer on the market.

Here are four key ways the Flexia™ Reformer can be adjusted:

+ Removable, 4-position Padded Footbar
+ One-hand adjustment, 3-position Springbar
+ Adjustable, 4-position Shoulder Rests
+ Easily adjustable ropes

The Flexia™ Reformer's weight capacity/weight limit can support up to 350 pounds.