What types of classes do you offer?

From restorative to strength, and sweat dripping cardio —we've got you covered.

The Flexia Online Studio offers mat and reformer workouts. 

Movement Snacks

Movement snacks are 10 minute themed classes for quick breaks; perfect if you're crunched for time or like to build your own classes by stacking two or three together.

Athletic Reformer

Athletic Reformer is combination of strength training and classic Pilates movements. Each class focuses on increasing athletic endurance and performance training


Full-body focused classes where you transition between movements efficiently and effortlessly. Flows are a balanced mix of athletic movements, and movements that release and stretch. 

HIIT + Jump

Dynamic classes that get the heart rate pumping, often in combination with the jumpboard or on the mat moves. Improve your cardio endurance while lying on your back.


As the name implies, Core classes are a quick way to fire up your abs. Don't be surprised if you feel it the next day.


The calmest in intensity of our classes; meant to restore health, strength, or a feeling of well being. Restore classes focus on mobility, flexibility, and easing pain and restoring joint function.