What level should I choose?

Levels are broken into four categories: Foundations, Intermediate, Advanced, All Levels.

What is an intensity level?

We're love to combine levels and intensity to bring you the best experience based on your goals, how your body is feeling before class, and the mood you want afterward.

We offer three intensity levels.

1 - Calm

2 - Medium, or what we like to call Slow Burn

3- High, or "you're gonna feel that tomorrow"

If this is your first time on the reformer, we suggest starting with Foundation level classes. These will get you acquainted with common and fundamental Pilates moves. This doesn't mean you'll fall asleep on the reformer -- anything but.

If you're new and looking for a butt-kicking, heart pumping workout, you might choose Foundation and Intensity Level 3.

Our smart recommendations learn from your goals, what you liked or didn't like from previous classes you've taken, and offer up workouts and programs to match.