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What is "Weight Moved" on my metrics screen?

Have you ever wondered what the weight equivalent of springs was? Now you can find out with the Weight Moved Counter located at the top right corner of your classroom screen.

The Weight Moved Counter updates with every repetition to show how much resistance you’re using. Once you’ve completed that exercise, it calculates your total weight moved and then resets for the next exercise. This is the first time in the history of Pilates that you can see the weight you’ve moved during an exercise.

However, we know Pilates isn’t just about moving more weight. For instance, sometimes more weight will make an exercise easier. We expect more exciting things to come from this metric in the future, so stay tuned. 

How we measure your movement:

The Flexia Reformer has integrated sensors on the moving part of the machine - aka the carriage.  These sensors capture the weight of the springs, distance moved, speed, and acceleration.  Every exercise you do in class has a unique set of characteristics that we encode to calculate your quality of movement. You can think of this data as a Pilates genome that enables us to give you real time feedback, track your progress, and make smarter recommendations.

For a closer look at weight moved, let's chat with our Founder + CEO, Kaleen: