How much room do I need for a Flexia™ Reformer?

Your reformer dimensions are 90”x 30” x 14” lying down, and stands 94” x 30” x 29.5”. We recommend the floor space be 114" x 78" for optimal movement and use.

Ceiling height and floor space needed for your reformer

Your reformer will take up 30" x 90" of floor space.  Flexia™ recommends having at least a foot (12") of space on the head and foot ends, and two feet (24") of free space on either side of the reformer during a workout.  This equals a floor space of 114" x 78" (9ft 6in x 6ft 6in).

Because the reformer has wheels, you can move it to the side when not in use.


  • Frame: 90" x 30" x 14"
  • Carriage: 29" x 33" (44" including headrest)
  • Upright: 94" x 30" x 29.5"

*Upright storage requires 8'-0" ceilings

  • Sitting box dimensions: 29" x 13" x 17"
  • Jumpboard dimensions: 29" x 18" jump platform space 


Isometric copy 2Standing Up MeasurementsSitting Box Measurements