How Do I Adjust My Ropes?

Flexia's design uses a climbers knot, called a Prusik knot to adjust your ropes.


Instructions For Adjusting the Ropes

To shorten the rope:

  • Take your long loop and put it over the shoulder rest.
  • Reach down and find the knot. Take one hand hold on to the knot, and your other hand will grab the rope.
  • Pull the rope and slide the knot. (Look for an even drape between the ropes).
Screenshot 2022-08-23 132600

To lengthen the rope:

  • Hold the knot and pull the other side of the rope.
Screenshot 2022-08-23 132758

Make sure that both of the loops are even and the ropes are the same length.  Pick up the loops and pull them to the middle and just take a quick peek. Do they look the same length? If they don't, then you can readjust your knots.