Flexia Pilates Glossary

Workout Types

You may see these terms used in workout titles or descriptions on Flexia. Here's a bit of insight into what they mean!

Movement Snacks
Movement snacks are 10 minute themed classes for quick breaks; perfect if you're crunched for time or like to build your own classes by stacking two or three together.

Athletic Reformer

Athletic Reformer is combination of strength training and classic Pilates movements. Each class focuses on increasing athletic endurance and performance training.

Full-body focused classes where you transition between movements efficiently and effortlessly. Flows are a balanced mix of athletic movements, and movements that release and stretch. 

Cardio + Jump
Dynamic classes that get the heart rate pumping, often in combination with the jumpboard or on the mat moves. Improve your cardio endurance while lying on your back.

As the name implies, Core classes are a quick way to fire up your abs. Don't be surprised if you feel it the next day.

The calmest in intensity of our classes; meant to restore health, strength, or a feeling of well being. Restore classes focus on mobility, flexibility, and easing pain and restoring joint function.



The movement anatomy of Pilates breaks down into the following components:

Warm Up
A workout segment to get you ready, physically and mentally, for more challenging movements.

Neutral Pelvis

Neutral spine is when the natural curves of your spine are present. Everyone's will look and feel a little different, because we're all unique. Generally, neutral pelvis is the position of the pelvis in which the front hip points and pubic bone are in the same plane.

Imprint, Tilt, or Tuck

While moving your pelvis from neutral to tilt, you'll notice your low back will feel more connection with the floor or support beneath you. When the pelvis is tilted backward, it is the lower section of the abs and pelvic floor that are most active. If the movement is performed with force, the glutes (butt) assists in the motion.

This a reference to your lower back. Your lumbar spine is the lower back region of your spinal column or backbone. 

Cool Down
Meant to help you recover and relax at the end of a workout session.


Miscellaneous Pilates Terms

Some other words you might hear our instructor throwing around during workouts:

Front End / Foot End
This is the side of the reformer that, when laying down on your back, would indicate where your feet would be pointing toward.

Back End / Head End
This is the side of the reformer that, when laying down on your back with head on headrest, would indicate where your head would be pointing toward.

Rails or Runners
These are the long and short wood pieces of your reformer machine.

These are the longer and shorter handles where your feet or hands hold onto.