Flexia Digital Basic Membership FAQs

The Flexia Digital Basic membership is here!

This page offers details on our Digital Basic membership and answer some common questions about it. If you are looking for details about the standard All Access Membership, see this article instead.

What is the Flexia Digital Basic membership?

This is our studio-only membership, which can be purchased without owning a Flexia Reformer. It provides access to our library of on-demand workout content and basic access to the Flexia community.

How much does it cost?

Digital Basic access costs $19/month plus applicable taxes.

How do I sign up for Flexia Digital Basic?

  1. Click here.
  2. Choose to start your one-month trial.
  3. Start enjoying the content immediately on any device!
  4. After one-month, your Digital Basic account will convert from a trial to a paid membership automatically if you choose to keep the service.

How is this different from an All Access membership?

  • This digital membership will only allow for viewing on-demand content.
  • Digital Basic does not presently have the capability to input any stats from a non Flexia machine into the studio. 
  • Digital Basic allows for only one user profile, while a Flexia All Access membership allows profiles for your household.
  • Most importantly: this membership cannot be used to activate a Flexia connected reformer machine.

Do I need to buy a Digital Basic membership if I already have an All Access membership for my reformer?

No. Definitely not! If you own a Flexia Reformer and have an All Access membership, there is no reason to also pay for Digital Basic, as your membership includes everything you need.

Does Digital Basic have any extra features or benefits that the All Access membership does not? 

No. All features and functions of a Digital Basic account are already included in the All Access membership.

Can I connect it to a Balanced Body® or other reformer to stream my stats from a different reformer machine?

No. This feature is not available as part of the membership. Movement quality, metrics, rep counts, and other dynamic stats will not be recorded for any workout done on a Digital Basic account. Only your total workout minutes and class moods will be recorded.

Are you still able to recommend classes for me?

Yes. Based on your goals, previous class likes and dislikes, and mood we are able to recommend your next class.

Can I convert my Digital Basic membership into an All Access membership later?

Yes. We ask you to submit a support ticket here and our Member Services Team will be able to assist. You can keep your screen name, workout stats, and history from one membership type to the other.