2. Getting Started
  3. MQS and other Studio Features

Filter the workout library

By default, Flexia's main workouts screen will display the newest classes in each category, listed in the order they were uploaded. We offer class and program recommendations based on your goals. We have a fabulous library of on-demand workouts for you to browse through, so you might find it useful to filter the workout library to find the right workout for you.

Filter the workout library

  1. Tap the Classes tab at the top of the Flexia Studio.
  2. Tap any category icons at the top of the screen to select your preferred filters.
  3. To sort by duration, intensity or teacher, tap the Filters tab to the right of the screen.
  4. Select your options.
  5. Tap Close. 

See only favorited workouts

The first filter on the list is marked with a heart icon ♡ and only shows your saved workouts. For more see: Save a favorite class