What can Flexia do without a membership?

You are not required to maintain a membership to the Flexia™ Online Studio. In the absence of a membership, you will still be able to use your reformer for its basic functionality. You can always workout on your own or with a different platform of your choice. 

Everything that makes Flexia unique, including feedback elements and all of our premium workout content, will require an active membership. Membership is an integral part of the Flexia experience and should not be considered an optional part of purchasing.  

Please note also that an internet connection and power are always required, regardless of whether you plan to use Flexia with membership.

With your membership you will learn tips on how to customize the reformer to fit your body for purposeful movement. The classes are engaging, varied in levels and lengths so you can fit in a workout on your schedule, and are a lot of fun!

*$39/month All-Access Membership is added to all reformer package purchases. No commitment. Pause or cancel anytime.