My Flexia won't connect to wifi?

Before reaching out to Customer Support, try this reset and restart.

The first step, if you can't see the wifi on your smart device or tablet, will be to reset and restart the Flexia sensor. There is a particular time event that takes place for it to complete a full shut down and reboot, so give this a try first to see how it responds.


1) Disconnect power from the reformer. This can be from the wall and does not need to be the connector on the reformer itself. Let this rest for 90 seconds before plugging it back in.

2) Wait a full 2 minutes before attempting to connect via laptop.

4) Follow the steps from the sensor setup document.

3) Check that the Flexia network pops up in your drop-down.


To see if the sensor connected automatically, sign in to your online studio account. Once signed in, click on the Collections tab at the top, then click Feature Sensor Enabled Classes. Choose a class and verify in the bottom right-hand corner it says "connected".

If you're still not sure if your sensor is connected to wifi or the online studio, email with the type of device you're using to connect to wifi and the current operating system you're using to expedite our tech support team's investigation.